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Phone messages are generally returned within one business day. Messages left after 5:00 pm weekdays, or during weekends and federal holidays will be returned the next business day. If an issue is not able to be resolved with a brief phone call, you will be asked to come in for an appointment. Patients who require frequent phone contacts may be asked to come in the office since frequent phone contacts may suggest a need for a more thorough evaluation or change in treatment plan. In case of a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.


While emails may be convenient for scheduling appointments, appointment reminders, or a prearranged transmission of educational material, referral information or payment requests, emails should never be used to communicate any confidential and/or health information, including medication refill requests. Furthermore, emails should never be used for urgent issues. Email is not a confidential means of communication – it may be intercepted and accessed without your knowledge. If an email is sent from you with protected health information, you will bear sole responsibility for any privacy breaches.


Dr. Aramesh shares an office space with other independent mental health professionals. While these professionals share an office space, Dr. Aramesh’s practice is independent and professional records are separately maintained.


In the instance there is more than one guardian for a child and/or adolescent patient medication consent will be obtained from both parent’s unless both parties request otherwise. Requests and consent forms will be signed and documented as part of the patient’s medical records on file.


At times, a referral to another professional such as a primary care physician or a psychologist may be necessary.  Dr. Aramesh will collaborate with these professionals but Dr. Aramesh cannot be responsible for the services or treatment provided by other professionals. It is always your responsibility to determine if a referral is acceptable


Legal matters may require the testimony of a mental health professional. Dr. Aramesh will decline to participate in any legal proceedings, even if it is on your behalf, as participation in any role outside of clinical care is a conflict of interest and will likely negatively interfere with the doctor/patient relationship. As such, Dr. Aramesh recommends that you seek an independent forensic mental health professional for such services


All services are provided on a fee-for-service basis. We do not participate in any insurance panels at the present time. Elimination of insurance obligations has allowed us to provide high-quality services that are tailored to your personal needs. Therefore, you will need to pay out-of-pocket at the time of service and obtain reimbursement from your insurance companies for benefits depending on your plan. You will be provided a receipt or superbill for each visit for your submission to your insurance company.

Average Cost (per session):

Child and Adolescent:

Initial Evaluation: $350

45 minutes Psychotherapy and Medication Management Follow-up: $250

25 minutes of medication management: $150


Initial Evaluation: $225

45 minutes psychotherapy with or without medication management follow-up: $199

45 minute session for psychotherapy: $199

25 minute medication management: $150

Telepsychiatry:  $50-$150

For established patients only for urgent appointments* or residing greater than 20 miles away.

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, most major credit cards

* Fees are subject to change

Please be aware that appointment consists of approximately 5-15 minutes’ documentation time


Payments are due at the time of the visit (by cash or credit card). A block of time is reserved for your appointment; so if you need to cancel, please give at least 48 business hours of advance notice.

Should you cancel within less than 48 business hours of the designated time, or fail to appear for an appointment, you will be charged a $25.00 fee for the visit. Your insurance company will likely not reimburse you for missed sessions. Consistent attendance at follow-up appointments are important for safe medical care.


The initial psychiatric evaluation is a consultation appointment focused on assessment and personalized biopsychosocial evaluations. Prior to establishing care with me, Dr. Aramesh will conduct a Complimentary Phone Consultation (for Prospective Patients) so she can better understand your treatment needs, and whether our practice is a good fit for you. If it is determined that our practice is a good fit for you, we will schedule an initial consultation.

We may provide referrals if we determine that another clinician with different expertise can better address your needs. At times, we may recommend a higher level of care, such as a day program or hospitalization, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Please be advised patient – physician relationship cannot be established until initial evaluation when we meet for an hour. Please be advised patient – physician relationship cannot be established until initial evaluation when we meet for an hour.

The initial evaluation will last approximately 45-60  minutes. During the interview, we will review your current symptoms, past treatment history, current medications, medical conditions, and relevant family history. We will also focus on details about your environment, lifestyle habits, social life, and relationships. We will review your diagnosis, as well as treatment options.

Please complete the intake form prior to our meeting. If you have had any recent blood work (within the last 6 months), please bring the results to the session or send them to me beforehand.

If you are seeking ADHD medication, please bring prior medical records as well.

At the end of the consultation, Dr.Aramesh will discuss the treatment recommendation, including determining if Dr. Aramesh is the best psychiatrist to provide your care. Appropriate referrals will be provided if your needs are best met elsewhere. It is extremely important for this initial assessment to be as comprehensive as possible. A comprehensive assessment is necessary to provide the best treatment recommendation. Please make sure to have information about previous providers, past psychiatric treatment and medication trials available.

In some cases, an additional visit may be necessary to complete the initial evaluation (e.g. for someone with an extensive psychiatric history or complicated presentation), as extra time may be needed to gather information from you, speak to your family or loved ones, review past medical records or order any necessary lab work.

If this is the case, Dr.Aramesh will ask to schedule additional time (30-60 minutes) with you at a future date in order to complete your initial evaluation.

Medications are generally not prescribed until the evaluation has been completed, so please make sure that you have enough medication from your previous treating physician.

During the evaluation, you will be asked questions about your current symptoms, your past psychiatric history, your medical history, and other relevant information. These questions may be personal and uncomfortable to talk about or cause discomfort in some people. You are encouraged to be as open as possible so that the most accurate information can be used to help formulate your case.

If you have past medical or psychiatric records that may be helpful, copies of laboratory results or other test results, please bring them to the first visit. Please also have available contact information of your previous psychiatrists or other physicians taking care of you so that Dr. Aramesh can obtain collateral information if needed (Authorization to release your health information needs to be signed).

Please complete the intake forms prior to your first visit.  We recommend that you download, print out, and complete the necessary paperwork ahead of time so that you and your psychiatrist can concentrate on your current concerns and your treatment plan in your initial visit, rather than filling out paperwork. If you choose not to fill out the forms ahead of time, you should arrive 15-20 minutes before your initial appointment to fill out paperwork.


Length of treatment is individualized and determined collaboratively between you and your clinician. For medication treatment, the recommended length of treatment for most disorders is generally one year or greater, depending on your specific case. For therapy, length of treatment can vary between 12-20 weeks to many years. Cases that are complicated by co-morbid presentations (more than one disorder) or a history of non-response to treatment may take longer.

The frequency of visits depends on the specific case. Some patients will be appropriate for weekly psychotherapy sessions to continue the process of addressing current or past issues or pursuing goals of increased self-awareness, pattern change, or interpersonal growth. For patients who are seeing for medications alone, the monthly visit may be appropriate.

Patients may be seen more often during initial treatment or medication adjustments. Patients on a stable medication regimen may be seen every one to two months. Continuous monitoring is important to ensure that you remain well.


Medications can be prescribed after the initial evaluation has been completed. Established patients are always given enough medication and refills until the next office visit, so refills are not necessary over the phone. This is to limit medication errors and to protect your safety. If you have missed or cancelled an appointment, you will be provided with enough medication until the re-scheduled visit, within 1-2 weeks of the missed appointment

You will not be provided with refills over the phone without a scheduled appointment if it is not safe to do so or you had missed consecutive appointments. All treatments must be conducted in-person during scheduled appointments.

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